36h in Dubai

I regularly work in India, and usually if i”m there for a weekend, I spend time with my colleagues outside of work. I don’t like to impose, so if people have plans I like to ensure they don’t change those plans on my account. This one weekend, all my team had plans, I’d visited almost everywhere in the city, so I thought to myself where shall I go?

I was looking at flights and it was quite inexpensive to travel to Dubai, I had considered India but weighing up the pros/cons I decided I would explore Dubai vs somewhere new in India mostly due to feeling more confident somewhere new in Dubai. I’d only ever transited Dubai so thought it was somewhere interesting to explore.

I booked an emirates flight to Dubai and started planning.

Upon arrival I checked in to my hotel – I booked the Novotel at the Dubai convention centre. It was an easy transfer from the airport via the metro .

After checking-in I headed for my first experience, watching the fountain at the burj khalifa

After eventually finding where to exchange my ticket and find the entrance I was on my way. The fountain was pretty good – similar in some respect to the fountains at the belagio in Las Vegas.

After this, I grabbed a bit to eat in the Dubai Mall, and also took in some shopping – that mall is massive!

As the sun set I took a walk towards my hotel – taking in the sculptures and other public art displays.

The next day, I had booked a tour to visit Sheikh Zayed’s Grand Mosque. I got picked up from my hotel (with my luggage) and we headed to Abu Dhabi

The tour was great, and we explored for a whole day about the history of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Due to some traffic delays, my guide took me back to the airport, which was a bit close and also a bit harder than I expected as it departed terminal 2 (fly Dubai) vs terminal 1 which is connected to the metro.

An amazing 36h and was a great experience.

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