Concorde is one of the most elegant planes ever built. An engineering masterpiece which unfortunately due to consumer confidence and maintainability led to its premature end of service.

Concorde was an anglo-french cooperation to build a supersonic aircraft, the only super sonic aircraft that made it into mainstream production. Concorde on Wikipedia

Despite never flying on it myself, it’s a beautiful plane. Given it could fly London to New York in under 3 hours (Concorde’s fastest recorded time) at 2,160kph/Mach Two! There was no need for flat beds. Sit back and relax and you’re there!

Concorde revolutionised luxury air travel. When there’s Concorde you don’t need first on slower planes, this changed the landscape of first class travel.

Museums in the UK containing Concorde

Concorde only lived for a short while and I’m pleased its in a museum as it was and we supersonic was innovative and ground braking at the time. It would be amazing if it was in the sky, but no doubt it wouldn’t be very economical nowadays, even thought I’m sure people would pay a premium to travel faster.

Here’s a list of museums which have a Concorde.

My experience at Aerospace Bristol.

The museum is really interesting, learning about how Bristol played a large part in aerospace, Concorde has its own hangar.

Concorde’s nose at Bristol Aerospace
Concorde Cockpit
Concorde Seats

For anyone who is fascinated with air-travel, the visit to Bristol Aerospace is well worth a visit. currently tickets have a validity of 1 year, so you can re-visit as often as you want within the year.!

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