Mini Break and Holiday Adventures

In my spare time I like to explore and see different places, some to just wind down, others for culture, discovery and fun!

Here’s some of my adventures

Young Family adventures

Iceland 2022

Norfolk Broads

12 hours in

12h in Agra, India (in one day)

36 hours in

I’m a believer that you can cram a lot in a short break, and these memories can feel like you’ve been somewhere for a week.

36h in New York, USA

36h in Lisbon, Portugal

36h in Dubai, UAE

48 hours-in

48h in Berlin, Germany

48h in Madrid, Spain

48h in Rome, Italy

48h in Dublin, Ireland

UK Day trips

Visting Concorde

How to find deals

Finding a holiday can be hard work especially if you’re budget conscious. Here’s two guides to help you find dates and destinations.

How to find great holiday deals (part1)

How to use google flights to find a holiday when you’re flexible on destination