36h in Lisbon

Having transited in Lisbon I really wanted to explore the city, and having a weekend spare, we fly out on a Friday to return Saturday evening!

We flew from London to Lisbon, exited the airport and then walked across to the metro. which was metres away from the exit. You can buy a 24h/28h transit pass which starts from the time you buy your ticket for the period of time bought.

The subway took about 50 minutes to get into central Lisbon.

We booked a hotel as part of a package and checked-in, then went on a walking tour. We learned quite a bit about Chaido and the history of Lisbon.

Lisbon has had an interesting past, and its city was rebuilt to make it difficult to attack (narrow winding routes between buildings). Its chapel was destroyed and partially rebuilt.

After the walking tour, we ate near the main square, and headed for the hotel. My friends partied til the next day!

The next day I woke up at 5.30 to head to the Maat to try to catch sun rise. Rather annoyingly my Uber decided that they were in no hurry to pick me up and I subsequently wasted 20 minutes waiting for a taxi that never arrived. (freenow is more reliable). I then caught a bus and made more use from my travel pass.


I just about made it ! The Maat looked a really interesting building and it drew me to get up early to go see it.

Past the Maat there is Belem. It was really nice seeing these public pieces of history/art all to myself, watching Lisbon awaken.

Afterwards I headed back to my hotel to meet up with my friends, and then on for some breakfast.

I had booked an e-bike tour in the afternoon to get a wider perspective of the city.

E-bike tour in Lisbon

The e-bike tour was a great way to explore really interesting parts of the city, and you definitely needed that extra e-bike power.

After this I then grabbed a late lunch, viewed a few sights and then headed for the airport to go home.

I ate the best cod fishcakes, tried green wine, and had a great time.

We booked in January 2022 for March, the flight + hotel cost £100 pp, the tours cost £40, and my food was £30.

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