Travel agencies use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to save money

Travel agents often book outside of the corporate booking engine. A good example of this is Ryanair or easyJet flights, and other tour operators or dmcs, who may give negotiated rates over the phone.

These manually booked elements, bear risks. Risk of typos, date errors, risk of incorrect costs. If left un-checked these bear a liability to travel agencies.

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Deliver innovation via micro services orchestration.

Traditional applications can be monolithic beasts with APIs as the final layer These services present a prescribed flow are often inflexible and were built to do a specific purpose.

Traditional applications are usually object oriented with a series of services being called internally, and eventually rendered as a soap/rest API. Quite often with all functions being within a single code repo.

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A day in the life

During COVID-19, I received a few linked-in requests for interviews about the day to day challenges of a CTO. I have to admit, I didn’t participate but it did trigger me to write this post.

As a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) I am responsible for the operation of technology and its associated systems. So I am responsible for technical infrastructure, monitoring, deployment, development and all 3rd party systems and integrations. The CTO also delivers against a strategy drafted from a joint vision of the business vision shared by the board.

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Automating your development workflow

The process of packaging and validating your releases can get time consuming, especially when you have multiple projects on the go.

For consistency (as well as security), it is good practise to try to automate this process.

Setting up continuous integration (CI) can take a while to configure and get right, in most cases it requires a lot of change. But done right, it can streamline your processes and help your team stay focused on building software vs deploying code.

Here’s a summary of the tools we used to implement our CI workflow. To note you can implement this in small steps; building, ¬†packaging, then deploying.

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