When all things are near equal, loyalty matters.

Last year I started travelling regularly to India, as a result I joined the BA executive club.

After a few flights I acrued Bronze, and then Silver, and then eventually Gold status.

Prior to joining, I thought nothing of it, but now that I’ve experienced the benefits (lounge, pre-seating, faster call centre, avios upgrades), I am biased to BA.

Now BA doesn’t have the best fleet, its understated. But its comfortable, however its lounges are well equipped and the whole experience makes my journeys more comfortable.

My points allow me to sometimes upgrade, and that makes it worth while.

So whats this post about ..

When all things are equal, whats plays a part in our decision making process? = points.

There’s a price point between saving and benefits. I could fly with easyJet, but I could also fly BA. I could buy from expedia or hotels.com.

I like easyJet, but I dont fly enough to justify easyJet Plus subscription, a service which I get free with BA for being loyal. With BA my flights are reliable, i board early and don’t have the fuss of a bus transfer to the tarmac quite so much.

If I book with hyatt.com I get points, where if I book with an OTA I get OTA loyalty points (in some cases)

Regardless of airline or OTA or Hotel partner. The deciding factor may not entirely reside on price, loyalty bonus’s play a part, one which should be clear and visible on the pages where a decision would be made, failure to promote this will most likely result in a competitor getting the sale who has a points scheme.

Value and reward your customer for being loyal.