Where’s the inspiration?

Many OTAs lack inspiration, its become “all about the booking funnel”, to me the destination matters, more so than the hotel or the flight. But exploring online leaves me with a feeling of exhaustion and confusion.

Back in the day Brochures were great. They were 90% content, and 10% pricing. You could easily add post-its, or turn the pages of places you wanted to go, and it was easy to flick between places of interest.

Just because we can load up the screen with real-time pricing and forms, it doesn’t mean we should.

We really must consider what the user really wants at their stage in the journey, a goal of just brand awareness and being valued for the information given can be just as effective in a vendor selection decision.

In some respect Pinterest has provided a tool for browsing destinations and/or instagram, but the experience isn’t quite there yet.

Whilst browsing on my apple TV I was really pleased to see a TUI App for travel. Not a price anywhere, it was just a sense of exploration. I hope more will follow offering more inspiration to their users without the need to offer pricing or jump into a grid of search results.