Every Agile team should have a UX expert.

Until 1-2 years ago, my specifications were wordy, with wireframes but what I’ve observed is that you can’t assume customers will read a 100+ page document and fully engage with it.

What customers can relate to, are visual prototypes.  In doing so you get feedback much faster, although BEWARE this feedback can be never ending, so it’s important to time box this exercise.

User stories vs Use cases offer a flow, a series of interactions, you can’t draw a single wireframe for a user story.  As the prototype develops its not uncommon that features are discovered which may not have been known during the specification phase.

Prototypes on their own don’t give you an idea of interaction (a motion), by combining prototypes with motion tools you can get a real feel for an application before its built.

By simulating motion you can identify gaps and correct the requirement.

Motion based Functional prototypes ensure that the interaction(s) perform as expected. Combining this with user group evaluation,  will enable rapid UX design iteration and provide positive benefit before any development commences.


Product teams often focus on the spec, wireframes support the layout and are used for reference but are often hard to understand.

High Fidelity mockups, with motion interaction, enables engagement, and helps identify gaps in end to end flows.

Having a UX expert who can bring these designs to life are essential to envisaging a new feature or layout change.

Tools we use are; photoshop, and sketch to create the initial designs, and then animate these with invisionapp.com or flinto to get a sense of motion.