Has Uber lost its place?

I used to use uber quite a lot, but unfortunately in the city I reside and work Uber has lost its licence. So I’ve been using Uber less.

I am a frequent user of Uber when travelling, but lately it’s just not working anywhere near as well as it used to.

These are the reasons I think it’s failing.

Local usage. Uber was originally launched in the US and was marketed as a global taxi app. As other markets have adopted Uber, it has become more popular with the local residents and as a result the drivers no longer have to speak english. Okay they shouldn’t have to speak English in non-english speaking countries, but as a global taxi system there should be a system to handle adequate translations.

User is no longer a reliable service. Uber used to be reliable, if you booked a cab, it arrived, you got in, it went where you wanted to go, and you paid. But my recent experience is far from this.

I booked, car is expected in 8 minutes, I wait, and oh its been cancelled, uber rebooks and .. another 12 minutes, and you wait and FFS I’m late and my taxi hasn’t arrived.

Recently I visited a mall in India, and wanted to get back to my hotel. I use uber because it removes the haggling with a tuk-tuk and on the whole used to be easy. First one, I waited, didn’t go to the collection point, so I waited, I could see the driver was nearby, but they never came. They didn’t contact me, they cancelled the pickup.

My bad luck, I rebooked. The same happened. An hour had past, I got annoyed so I did what I probably should have done earlier and went with the tuk-tuk.

The schedule service doesn’t guarantee shit. Ok I admit I am aware of the terms of service, but why provide a service that doesn’t guarantee you anything. You schedule a pickup, and if there’s no drivers who want your service then your scheduled service doesn’t mean anything. You’re left on your own. Gee Thanks. I’ll pay 5 x more to my hotel because I’m desperate thanks.

Airport pickups with Uber are stressful. One of the challenges with Uber is the need for data roaming, in the most cases it’s there, but often its slow (edge how i hate edge!), and when it’s slow things don’t work correctly. For instance sending the pickup requests and acknowledging them – or getting the list of pickup locations.

My experience was having my request cancelled due to insufficient cars, then having to accept a fee to cancel despite having already received confirmation (via a push) from Uber that they can’t fullfill, then waiting hoping that I can find a taxi whilst the app reminds me that there’s surge.

I’ve not yet switched to Lyft or Ola or another global taxi company, maybe I should. I live in hope that my experiences might be rare and I’ve just been unlucky.

We know that Uber sets the rates in almost all cities, and in most cases it’s lower than local taxis – they take their cut. My assumption here is that Uber is forcing drivers to work hard for their money, so when a nearby ride is offered when they have already agreed to pickup further away they’ll decide which is better for them.

Uber get fee(s) when drivers cancel, but customers are not compensated for their inconvenience.

It’s about time Uber found their way, and focused on the customer before someone else does.