UK or overseas holidays in 2021?

In our current covid landscape, overseas holidays in 2021 feel quite far away.

The question is, is a UK holiday significantly different in cost to an overseas holiday.

In review; It’s about the same if you book early. For my example I took prices today (1st Feb) for bookings on the 1st August for 7 nights. 4 pax (2 Adults, 2 Children) – i’m using airbnb to give average costs per night as a base line.

Lets compare popular UK with popular Spanish destinations.

The average nightly price in Newquay in August is £219 – 7 nights = 1533

In Cornwall its slightly lower at £180 – 7 nights = 1260

The average price in Spain is £126 – 7 nights is 882 (almost half of Newquay)

Lanzarote has an average of £96/night. (almost half of Cornwall). – 7 nights £672

BA package (flight+hotel) – £1325 (4 pax, 1st August, 7 nights)

There’s additional costs for overseas, the cost of the flights, the cost to/from the airport, and cost of transfers, travel money, food etc.

UK holidays also bear costs, you also have a train/car/bus/plane journey to consider (fuel/tolls.etc), which can be expensive.

When you consider all the costs there’s not a big difference between a UK holiday and a overseas holiday (with flights), but an overseas holiday has the added bonus of better weather, a pool maybe and usually a lower cost of eating and drinking (assuming we can travel).

I feel I get better value overseas. It also has the added bonus on exploring somewhere new, trying new food, seeing new places and being somewhere warmer. I don’t quite get the same sense of adventure in the UK as I do overseas. (The UK is nice, but its not the same – and yes, I’ve visited places in Wales, Scotland, various places in the UK).

For me I’m happy to invest a low deposit booking on an overseas holiday on the hope of somewhere relaxing and sunny, whilst I consider whether to find some UK alternatives as a backup plan. Given the cost of property in the UK and the lack of rooming options for families, the UK remains a fairly expensive option for me, with limited benefits.