Is it me or has Apple missed some key use cases for their continuity camera feature in OS Ventura and ios16?

Apple presented yesterday at WWDC22 their new continuity feature, which allows you to use an iPhone as a wireless webcam.

Image source: Apple.

We all know MacBook’s dont have the best front facing camera (2MP), they’re fine but not ground breaking – they may be good for light balance but they’re easily overshadowed by the iPhone rear facing cameras. This looks nice, but I can’t see myself strapping my phone to my MacBook just to increase quality any time soon. Although their top down desk view (for desktops was quite neat though)

What apple missed.

Family conference moments around the sofa with the TV.

If you’ve ever balanced your computer near your TV you’ll likely realise it’s tricky, you have two screens (your mac and the tv), cables everywhere and its all a bit of a mess.

This solution to me is perfect for sharing a camera and using my tv (using airplay). No annoying wires, decent resolution – this could be great for family gatherings around the home TV vs huddling around a MacBook

A bit late for the whole family gathering during covid though!

Co-working video calls.

There are often times when I’m in a small huddle on a video call. I’m front of house as I’m in front of my mac, and my colleagues are mostly out of the picture (due to the focal width of the camera). With the aide of a small tripod voila a better wider picture is now possible using the equipment I already have in my pocket (minus the tripod). Maybe this will get everyone in shot but allowing it to be a positionable camera is an advantage.