To infinity and beyond

I visited Singapore in 2018, and visited the ArtScience museum. Within the museum there is a permanent exhibit by teamLab which blew my mind.

teamLab creates digital borderless art, one of the installations had a path through a mirrored room, creating the illusion of moving through space.

TeamLab borderless infinity room in Singapore (excuse my kids talking!)

Since visiting I have been searching for similar experiences in the UK, but until recently all were overseas.

This year the Tate Modern announced a new installation by Yayoi Kusama. Yayoi is an 88 year old artist born in Japan. She has designed various installations, many are based around an Infinity Mirror room. I was keen to check it out. Initially it was sold out, but more tickets became available.

Tate Modern : Infinity Room

The installation has two smaller infinity rooms within the exhibition space displaying information about Yayoi and her art work. The infinity room experience is timed, you get 2 minutes, 6 people at a time. Although it was only 2 minutes it was enjoyable, the idea of being in a huge infinite room changes the boundaries of where an illusion starts and the room ends.

Tickets are limited you can purchase tickets here

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